LLC "MP "GeoInTEK"
MP «GeoInTEK» conducts a full range of hydrodynamic studies of gushing oil, gas and gas condensate wells, non-gushing oil and hydro facilities, providing interpretation of processed data and geophysical parameters of productive formations, production opportunities and optimum operation of wells. 

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CEO: Vladimir Alexandrivich Borisov
Address: Samartseva str., 18, Tyumen
Phone: +7 (3452) 31-76-03


   LLC «Yugson-Service»
Our company is a developer, patent holder, manufacturer, supplier of oilfield equipment and technology for development of wells, stimulation, subsurface repair of oil wells, oil production and engineering support of packer and anchor equipment.

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CEO: Anatoly Mikhailovich Kireev
Address: Gosparovskaya str., 2B, Tyumen
Phone: +7 (3452) 59-50-50, 50-03-09


   OJSC SC (service company) «Chernogornefteotdacha»
The company is specialized in struggling against water-cuts in oil and gas fields.

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CEO: Alexander Yurievich Nikitin
Address: Respubliki str., 57, office 508, Tyumen
Phone: +7 (3452) 75-02-09

    LLC «GeoSeis»
Provides the whole range of geological and geophysical works required for successful implementation of exploration challenges.

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CEO: Vladimir Petrovich Igoshkin
Address: 625000, Gribodova, 2/2, Tyumen
Phone: +7 (3452) 54-08-11


    LLC NPF "Packer" 
Desing, manufacture and service of packer and anchor equipment and borehole layout for the operation, intensification, and overhaul of oil and gas wells, including equipment for carrying out a set of measures to enhance the production of oil, such as hydraulic fracturing, pressure maintenance, dual output, dual injection and other technilogical operations.

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CEO: Marat Mirsatovich Nagumanov
Address: Severnaya str., 7, Oktyabrsky
Phone: +7 (34767) 6-63-64, 6-71-919


    LLC "NPO "BentoTechnologii"
This is a research and manufacturing company with 60 years of success story, the main focus of which is scientific research. The company also provides services in construction of wells: preparation and maintenance of drilling mud and cement slurry, and casing at all temperatures and pressures, using its own solutions and technologies, as wells as "Baulux" materials, made by a high-tech Russian manufacturer of bentonite powders and ancillary reagents.

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CEO: Irina Vitalievna Khusnutdinova
Address: Industrial zone, p/o 9, Almetievsk, Tatarstan
Phone: +7 (8553) 37-12-30, 37-04-62


    LLC «InTech» (Innovative technologies)
Providing a range of engineering services in construction of wells and enhancing recovery of hydrocarbons. 
The company provides training services and training workshops for oil and gas engineering staff.

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CEO: Andrey Nikolaevich Korotchenko
Address: Respubliki str., 142, office 308, Tyumen
Phone: +7 (3452) 534-009


    LLC «Coretest Service»
Performs services in the field of lithological and petrographic studies, the porosity and petrophysical properties of rocks and formation fluids. Services lab equipment, manufactured by "Soretest Systems Inc." and "NER".  

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CEO: Eugeny Arkadievich Romanov
Address: Babarynka str., 56, Tyumen
Phone: +7 (3452) 23-40-95


    LLC «Seversnabkomplektmontazh»
Production and installation of steel structures, construction and engineering in oil and gas industry.

CEO: Vladimir Nikolaevich Molchanov
Address: Gilevskaya roscha, 4, bld. 14, Tyumen
Phone: +7 (3452) 27-55-24, Fax: 55-07-62