Vladimir Borisov

The president of Tyumen Association of oil and gas service companies, CEO of MP "GeoInTEK", member of the Supreme environmental council of natural resources, environmental use and ecology committee of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

Vladimir Borisov actively participated in Tyumen region oil and gas industry development. He began his career as the head of local headquarter of Central Committee of International Young communists and socialists League, responsible for oil and gas fields development (head of the the rapid constructions projects sector).

In the 80-s he was responsible for oil and gas industry issues in Yamal autonomous district, working for local headquarter of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Later, he used to work in oil and gas industry, and today he is a top-manager of oil and gas service company.

He was awarded the medal "For the development of mineral resources and development of oil and gas industry in Western Siberia".

In 2009 Vladimir Borisov initiated establishment of Tyumen Association of oil and gas service companies - a non-profit organisation, uniting independent oil and gas service companies.